Lumbini Background:   (New confirmation from UNESCO July 01.2013)

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The World Peace City will be built inside the Buffer Zone – (Ref. to Superimposition Picture as below)

Kenzo-Tang Plan_A

Kenzo-Tang Plan_A

Area 1: New Lumbini VillageArea 2: Monastic Zone;  Area 3:  Sacred Garden


Kwaak Plan

Kwaak Plan


Superimposition of Kenzo-Kwaak plan

Superimposition of Kenzo-Kwaak plan

Rather being LD (Lumbini Development) the new plan World Peace City is likely LD (Lumbini Destroying )

Interview posted on UNESCO Webpage (Violation of the restricted zone)
…… Without the Master Plan, Lumbini would have been confined within the premises of the Mayadevi Temple because lands around the temple were owned privately. It would have been surrounded by unplanned buildings, restaurants and constructions. Even with the Master Plan, the restricted zone outside the 1×3 mile area is being developed in an unplanned manner. The restricted zone is no longer restricted, and hotels are being built without proper planning in accordance to the Kenzo Tange Master Plan. The Master Plan had been violated …….    Why has the Master Plan been violated? What should be done? …….

…… there are elements that have even violated aspects of the Sacred Garden where Kenzo Tange wanted zero intervention. Even in the agricultural zone, there are hotels and industries that have surfaced which are not supposed to be there.  The authorities in Nepal have failed to keep many activities that are not in sync with the principles of the Master Plan in check.  ….    ……… …….UN should be vocal and raise concerns if certain principles are violated jeopardizing the sacred status of Lumbini. UN should facilitate the implementation of the remaining components of the Master Plan and strongly object if any area of the Master Plan comes under threat.  UN should strongly reiterate its stance of sticking to the principles of the original Master Plan when advising the government because Lumbini is a World Heritage Site after all….       ….

There is no need to add more pollution from World Peace City to Lumbini – The Buddha’s birthplace

TRASH IS EVERYWHERE INSIDE LUMBINI !!!!!! Can the local authority manage the trash from World Peace City with 200.000 inhabitants (or more)  ????

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Interview with UNESCO – Dr. Axel Plathe
Axel Plathe: We believe that the Kenzo Tange master plan is still the authoritative plan for the development of the core and the buffer zone and, indeed, either the one-by-three or the five-by-five zones.
We have seen in the past quite good developments in the area where the channel now flows……… More at:

The State Party expresses in its report, that these projects (World Peace City is one of them……) will not have any impact on the Outstanding Universal Value of the property …….
(BUT) The World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies do not fully share this view point ……..
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Pollution problems is already in Lumbini – No need to add more pollution from World Peace City !!!! A lot of petition ……..

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Stop Enviromental Degradation in Lumbini

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