August 2014Click Here

International Buddhist Conference in Lumbini for Promotion, Protection, Preservation of Buddhist Culture and Heritage ….. Click Here

August 15th 2013
– The Nepal government has mentioned to the public for the first time about the Master Plan (64.5 square kilometers). Click Here     (For PDF Version Click Here)

– Effort from UNESCO Nepal to finish Kenzo Tange master plan – 64Mil. USD Project – Click Here

– New archaeological evidence at Lumbini (Master plan area) prior to King Ashoka’s time has been found – That is the reason why we should preserve the place – Click Here


UNESCO has confirmed the buffer zone / protected zone as 5 miles x 5 miles - Click HERE

July 1st 2013 –  Again, from UNESCO –  Click HERE


We wrote a letter to Dr. Roland Lin at the World Heritage Site’s Asia & Pacific Unit of UNESCO to assist us with this situation in Lumbini on January 31, 2013.

On Monday, February 4th, we have received a letter from Dr. Roland Lin.  He has sent a letter to UNESCO signed by the Asia & Pacific Unit of World Heritage Site Director to the Delegation of Nepal requesting information about this World Peace City proposal situation in Lumbini.

He has not received any information from the Nepalese authorities.  We will keep you posted as we receive more information.  Thank you everyone around the world for your continuing support.


The Study Report can be downloaded from this link – Ref. to page 45 /Chapter 5.5  for “The Impact on archaeological remains of Lumbini” – How the Asoka Pillar is affected by pollution……  How buffer zone is recommended on page 72…..


LUMBINI (Just a part of West monastic zone – From Korean Temple to Eternal lamp) – Trash – Trash – Trash is everywhere !!! It is not easy to manage the trash problem at the moment ! How can the local authority manage it with the World Peace City of 200.000 inhabitants or more - Video footage – Click HERE