Dear Friends,

This website was set up to save Buddha’s birthplace in Lumbini, Nepal.  We are a group of concerned people from all over the world and from all walks of life who would like to invite you to join us to protect and preserve Buddha’s birthplace.  It is still a long road ahead but we will work hard because we want to preserve this place.  We hope that you will help us.

In the past, we have asked World Buddhist Sangha Council, the Kamapa Organization, the buddhist temples (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, HongKong, India, Indonesia, Phillipine, Singapore …. – more to be asked in the next few days !) to support the case or to issue any statement about this issue.  We suggest and encourage you to ask your organization, your friends, your temples or anyone who is concerned about this to send the message to these above organizations or do whatever you can to help this case.  Many people stand together will create a great force to change this case. (Letter – Click here   /  Address – Click here )

As we were reading the comments on the petition, somebody wrote : What peace is there when you are destroying the holy sites…. –   …. world heritage regardless of race and religion. These heritage forms the civilization and culture of societies.  …….     That is true……
Your support helps us keep our strength to continue to fight this case.  Thank you

May you be well and happy – May all the beings be free from suffering and live in happiness

With Metta
Eric Olson / Serena & Sophie Meyer – Team Coordinator
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